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Maron and Marron are both pretty minor side characters tied to Krillin, one made for anime filler and one originating in the manga first. They were both named by different parties looking to expand on Krillin’s “chestnut” name pun. This is the real world reason for them having almost the exact same name, but that hasn’t stopped jokes around Krillin naming his daughter after his ex-girlfriend. Either way, I thought it’d be fun if Marron let a little of her dad’s side come out here in her reaction to Maron, and it was fun to get to draw her with her signature GT hat after drawing her so much without it for PPP.


  1. GH20

    Maaan, Maron x Marron is pairing way rarer than i would expect.

    Love the rare cases when they get drawn together, they look shipeable imo.

    Love the ask and pic. <3

  2. User#6b08a6a7

    This is a great pairing that most (myself included) wouldn’t see coming. I hope too see more of the side/filler characters from all the stories.

  3. Anderson

    Hello, I really like your work and I wanted to know if you could draw an anal between Luffy and Hancock, they are my favorite couple and I would like you to draw an anal between them

    if you can’t it doesn’t matter anyway I love your work

    1. GH20

      Didn’t you read my comments telling you to NOT spam requests on completelly unrelated places? It’s fucking annoying and even lowkey disrepectful.

      And no, near won’t do it, so please, stop asking for this on random pics.

      1. GH20

        To be fair, maybe he mean it in a shipping way.

        But yeah, Luffy x Boa is too one-sided to be really a couple lol.

  4. Anderson

    And how can I do to be able to enter the voting or something like that?

    because he doesn’t have twitter and as far as I know patreon neither

    1. Post

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