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Surge the Tenrec Character Ask 2

When talking about characters I could pair Surge with on the SubscribeStar Discord, I off-handed mentioned Gabi at least once. I kind of liked the idea for reasons I can’t fully articulate, maybe at least in part because Gabi is aesthetically similar to Satsuki (the girl Surge debuted with, not the one Gabi’s shot with before). At any rate, I saw this Ask as a convenient opportunity to explore the pairing, and I think they look good together!

Gabi x Pieck

The first time I drew Gabi, I picked out two characters she shared scenes with in the clip compilations I was referencing from who I thought I could pair her with. One was Zofia, who I already did, and the other was Pieck here. I know Pieck’s got some fans, as I recall her being nominated for NHML a number of times, so hopefully those fans will enjoy seeing her here.

Zofia Character Ask 1

I thought it was funny that the question implies Zofia’s last name is “Rims”, though I suspect it happened due to accidentally copying too much from the title of the pic she debuted in. Regardless, I wanted to acknowledge it, but as for Zofia’s time in the Studio I imagine she’s having fun. The first time I saw her was a scene where she, Gabi, and their friends were experiencing a festival or something, relaxing and having fun away from their training. I think her time in Studio so far is probably similar, dragging Gabi around to different locations and enjoying the sights, sounds and food. I don’t really think she’d jump into new relationships right away the way many have, so I paired her with Gabi again, but maybe we’ll see her in some crossover action down the line.

Zofia Rims Gabi

So, when I did Gabi’s first pic a while back, I watched some clip compilations of her on YouTube for research. During that time I picked out two female characters I wanted to try pairing her with, and did little sketches of both pairings. This was one of those, with her friend Zofia. I liked Zofia in the clips I saw of their friend group, though I can’t say for sure if I’ll do anything else with her in the future. I assume I’ll get around to inking and coloring the other Gabi yuri pic I drew back then eventually, though it may be a while like this one was.

Gabi Braun Character Ask 1

This is a crossover I thought about while drawing Gabi’s debut pic recently. Probably because that pic overlapped with writing/drawing the Ryūko Matoi Spotlight interview, but I remembered thinking if I got the chance I’d kind of like to draw Gabi with Satsuki. I don’t know why that pairing specifically came to mind for me, but seeing this question, from a Subscriber who likes Kill la Kill/Satsuki enough to have her in their avatar, I remembered wanting to draw them together and made sure to work it into Gabi’s response. Of course, like any character from a war-torn anime, I expect Gabi is probably mostly just grateful to be in a more peaceful environment in the Studio. I imagine she’s having plenty of fun, like everyone else.


Gabi DP

I never really watched Attack on Titan, and don’t really know anything about Gabi Braun or what type of character she is. I’ve seen other artists do interesting things with her, though, so I’ve developed a strange sort of distant attachment to her. As it’s looking like I’m going to be drawing more AOT soon through the straight ongoing comic, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a little bit of practice with the style by drawing Gabi a bit. So here’s a simple pic of her getting dp’d by some anons. While looking for reference images for this I saw two other characters I thought it’d be fun to pair her with, so there might be a bit more of her down the line with them.