Gabi DP

I never really watched Attack on Titan, and don’t really know anything about Gabi Braun or what type of character she is. I’ve seen other artists do interesting things with her, though, so I’ve developed a strange sort of distant attachment to her. As it’s looking like I’m going to be drawing more AOT soon through the straight ongoing comic, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a little bit of practice with the style by drawing Gabi a bit. So here’s a simple pic of her getting dp’d by some anons. While looking for reference images for this I saw two other characters I thought it’d be fun to pair her with, so there might be a bit more of her down the line with them.


  1. José Carlos

    I can tell you what personality Gabi has
    She is a girl with a strong personality. Independent, with a lot of determination to obtain
    their goals at all costs. She is very stubborn does not admit defeat. She is nice and has a very friendly relationship with the people around her.

    On the subject of who could be paired with are the following
    Falco Grice: Shingeki no Kyojin
    Pan: Dragon Ball GT
    Thorfinn Karlsefni: vinland saga
    Mikasa Ackerman: Shingeki no Kyojin
    Armin Arlert: Shingeki no Kyojin
    Sasuke Uchiha: Naruto
    Vegeta: Dragon Ball
    Nobisuke Nobi (nieto) son of nobita: Doraemon

  2. NERVA

    Never heard of her before, but wow! She is making amazing first impression! Perfectly shaped body, stunning, tight ass, cute feet, breathtaking feet! Brilliant! Gabi looks so good there. Glad she has taken it up the butt. Hope to see her opening backdoor and gaping for us in the future. These feet are mesmerizing. She should use them as fast as possible!

  3. Darkness

    Not really a fan of Gabi as a character since she’s so cruel without thinking for herself, but I enjoy this picture a lot. If you do Pan from Dragonball GT they’d make a good pair.

  4. Ght

    I wonder why everyone forgot about Sano Manjiro?
    He’s a lovely, sweet character, and I’m sure he has very soft feet.

    1. GH20

      Maybe they never had much interest on him tbw? I don’t know neither but commenting it on a pic about an Attack on Titan female character is not gonna give you any answer.

      Better go to the cbox chat, that’s were Near and some other members answer questions, not in unrelated comments from random pics.

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