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Hypno’s Harem #6 – Jenny

Sorry for the long pause on this series, but here’s a new entry! Officer Jenny looks into the disappearances that have been happening lately, and ends up biting off more than she can chew when she stumbles across the source.
I don’t know if it’ll be another months-long break until the seventh Hypno page, but hopefully I’ll be able to get the next one out before too terribly long.

Itsuka Kendo’s First Dare

So this pairing of Kendo and Hpyno was also brought up in the Character Ask submissions this month, and in the Ask version it’s mentioned that Kendo has a passing resemblance to Misty. I did think it’d be kinda fun to see Kendo hypnotized and fucked, but I though it worked better as a Dare than as an Ask, since I don’t know how much Kendo would be willing to try this without deeper prompting. That said, it probably would’ve made more sense for Hypno to be dared to hypnotize her, but whatever here we are.

Hypno Character Ask 1

This questions been submitted to me every month for a while now, but I never picked it up because I just don’t like doing Asks where the person answering can only say their own name… But I figured some folks might like seeing something like this, and it was easy enough to portray without text, so it’s fine I guess. I went with Pikachu as the hypnotee just to mirror Ash being the first of the Hypno’s Harem series. When I looked to see if Pikachu had ever been hypnotized in the anime, I saw a scene where they gave him white eyes like this. So I took my cue from that as far as portraying the hypnotism.

Hypno’s Harem #3 – Brock

I took way longer of a break from this series than I intended to, but I finally got around to finishing this one and completing the original trio from the anime. I waffled a bit on if I wanted to do Brock, since it seems most people aren’t as interested in him as some of the softer boys from the series, but in the end I decided he deserved a good dicking as much as the next guy and went ahead with it. Moving on, I plan to focus on a specific duo who’s prominent in the series for the next two updates. Hopefully those won’t take as long to come out!

Hypno’s Harem #2 – Misty

Here’s the second entry in the Hypno’s Harem series! Like I said before, the first panel here is going to be pretty stock for each entry, but the second and third panels should be pretty dynamic and engaging! I felt I had to do Misty next, even if Ash has had tons of companions since the early days she’s still got a special place in my heart. The next entry will be a guy, since I plan to alternate genders here like I do for other series like the U.A. Wall, though I haven’t 100% settled on who it’ll be just yet.

Hypno’s Harem #1 – Ash


So this is a new series I’ve been ruminating on for a hot minute. I’ve always enjoyed hypnosis and mind control stuff to a degree, but I find it a bit difficult to convey it satisfyingly without doing a full comic to tell the story (and I have too many comics as it is). I hit upon this idea of doing a little series of mini comics, though, that I think will work and be kinda fun. Each one will have a nearly identical first panel (I probably won’t even re-draw Hypno), but the subject will change for each entry. The second two panels won’t follow any formula, besides being naughty. I think this will also be a fun way to introduce a lot of human characters from the Pokémon anime into the Near Hentai Studios that I might otherwise not have had time for (although at least the first few will all be popular favorites like Ash). Like the U.A. Wall, I plan to alternate between male and female characters for each entry in the series, and probably the second one will be focused on Misty. I don’t know how frequently I’ll visit this series, though, but I should get back to it eventually.