Itsuka Kendo’s First Dare

So this pairing of Kendo and Hpyno was also brought up in the Character Ask submissions this month, and in the Ask version it’s mentioned that Kendo has a passing resemblance to Misty. I did think it’d be kinda fun to see Kendo hypnotized and fucked, but I though it worked better as a Dare than as an Ask, since I don’t know how much Kendo would be willing to try this without deeper prompting. That said, it probably would’ve made more sense for Hypno to be dared to hypnotize her, but whatever here we are.


  1. GH20

    Oh shit, Hypno is expanding it’s territory! And i thought he was only gonna keep himself to Pokemon, but i ain’t complaining if he wants some imports from other series to his harem.

    PD: Hope you continue the Hypno series, specially for the Gen6 and after anime cuties eventually.

  2. Violetty

    Didn’t know Dare’s count as an ask 😆 I wonder if Female Hypno’s even exist

    Welp, another universe for Hypno to add to the harem, I doubt even Shinso would stand a chance

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