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Kizuku Midyck Character Ask 3

Kizuku and Yorapakura are two of the more popular Fusions I’ve done, so I hope people will enjoy seeing them together. The question here references Killua and Kurapika knowing each other, though I’m not sure how much that’d really play into these Fusions hooking up. I always saw Killua and Kurapika more as guys with a mutual friend (Gon), since we don’t see much of them interacting just the two of them, as far as I can recall. However, I do think Kizuku and Yorapakura would get along well, just through their own personalities meshing well.

Hayako Nagatoga Character Ask 1

Since there’s a lot of overlap in which characters have been fused, there’s naturally also a lot of overlap in which Fusions people expect to see together. We already saw Kizuku and Goto, but Nagatoga’s also a natural pairing for him since people like Toga/Deku content so much. Didn’t see any reason to try and do a clever spin on this, though, so enjoy some tanned-on-pale pegging action!

Kizuku Midyck Character Ask 2

This Ask was submitted shortly after I released Kizuku’s bio, which revealed his interest in butts. I also got a number of Asks revolving around Jolyne once people realized she was in the Studio (debuted in November of 2013), specifically around the cavity search scene from the first episode of the anime. I wasn’t really able to get to the other Asks, but I thought this one might be a fun way to re-introduce Jolyne in my work, especially now that the anime’s provided a more consistent reference point for her style and color scheme. I decided to leave the actual searching up to the imagination, so exactly how he decided to probe deeper is up to you.

Kizuku Midyck Bio

I’ve talked about doing this off and on for a bit, but I’ve decided to go ahead and do bio pages for the NHS Fusions characters. Since Fusions appear full nude in their debuts, and don’t exist in any other media, I’m going to be staying PG with these bios so that we can get an impression of what they’re like day-to-day when they’re not fucking. I wasn’t planning to do them in their debut order but when I ran a poll for who should be first, Kizuku won… so maybe I will do them in order, we’ll see. I don’t expect to release these super often, but I guess it’ll depend on how I feel moving forward.

Kizuku Midyck Character Ask 1

I kinda figured people would want to see Kizuku and Goto together eventually, and here we are. When I made Goto’s Fusion pic, I put him in a room I’ve used sometimes for One-Shots, including the one in the background here. I thought it was funny that all four parts of these two had been in a One-Shot together already, and I decided to use this Ask to highlight that piece of trivia for anyone who would find it interesting.


Here’s the fourth and final of my July Master Tier commissions. This one is very much not my usual wheelhouse, but I hope it works for some of y’all. The subscriber wanted to see Khun Ran from Tower of God in his “Lightning Pill” form (I know nothing about this franchise) sounding with Kizuku, the Izuku/Killua fusion from the NHS Fusion series, in some sort of combination of Full Cowling and God Speed, with lightning around them. So… yeah, that’s what this is.

September ’21 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic I did for Subscribers at the start of September. Like all the monthly One-Shot comics, the script for this came from a submission by one of my supporters over on SubscribeStar. This is another one where the script called for a new set of characters each panel, some old and some new. The first panel sees Takemichi of Tokyo Revengers joining Kirishima and Deku in a threesome, and I debated over how to do his hair (I haven’t watched it, but he appears to have several looks in the series). It seems like his hair looks like this after he gets into fights, sometimes, so I thought it’d be cute to imply he maybe had it styled but then got fucked rough enough that it got messy like this. We then have a little Genshin Impact threesome with Bennett, Razor and Aether. Kizuku gets shared by one-half of the characters fused to make him (plus his boyfriend), and then Boruto gets some more of Luffy’s cock. Enjoy!

Vegeta Character Ask 8

This question was submitted before Kizuku’s debut pic, so probably the poster was hoping for someone else (like Allister or Aladdin, maybe) who’s debuted recently. However, we’ve seen Goku wrecking both Killua and Deku, so the thought of Vegeta being the first to fuck their fusion was just… kinda fun, I guess. I also was looking for an excuse to draw Kizuku again, and even though he’s gotten a couple Asks, they weren’t ones I could really work with right now so this was a nice compromise.