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Kazusa Takatori’s First Dare

Kazusa’s a character I’ve only drawn a couple times but, even though I never watched Shōnen Maid, I’m fairly fond of her. I’ve liked the idea of pairing her with lolis for a while now, for reasons I don’t feel like getting into too much here, and this Dare was as good an excuse as any. This dare also appealed to me due to its wording. Because the Dare specifies the first loli she sees, I went a different route than choosing one for her. Using the same randomized selection I use for a variety of things like First Shoot partners, I went through to the first loli in a randomized list and it was Apple from Mother Up!. I haven’t drawn her in ages, but I think she makes a good pair with Kazusa here.

Makima Character Ask 1

Makima has the energy of a confident, lazy predator, so I picture her casually sizing up people as she goes around the Studio. I don’t personally think she has much of a type, really, but rather goes after anyone she happens to think is interesting for whatever reason. I went with Kazusa for her partner here in part because I just find it easy to picture her catching Makima’s attention, but also because I know this Subscriber is fond of her.

Kazusa Takatori Character Ask 1

So, while I don’t know either of these characters super well, I like them both from what I’ve seen of them. Normally with older characters I prefer to pair them with someone younger, for the contrast, but I thought an Ask pairing Sumiko and Kazusa together could be fun. They both debuted in the same One-Shot, both getting fucked by Corey Park, and it makes sense to me they would’ve become friends on the set. I think I have a decent idea of how their dynamic would be, and I tried to lean into it a little with the answer here.

December ’21 One-Shot

I think it’s pretty funny that, thanks to the Christmas pics (one of which also involved Corey), this One-Shot ended up posting right after one of Corey’s Asks. At any rate, this One-Shot wanted to see Corey paired with a bunch of older women, all except one also being new additions to the Studio. For reference, the full list of ladies here (in order of appearance) are: Cooking Mama, Hina Akiba,  Mamako Oosuki, Kazusa Takatori, Inko Midoriya, and Sumiko Kawai.