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Chris Thorndyke Character Ask 4

I don’t usually choose questions where the answer is “no”, but sometimes there’s still room for a fun visual to along with a negative response. In this case, while Chris may be fine working with other humans for shoots when needed, I don’t really picture him having sex with anyone but Mobians recreationally. I figured we could clear that up, for anyone who was in doubt, and I always enjoy a little Chris/Sonic action when appropriate.

Cheetara Character Ask 1

So, the Lord Tier commission I’m doing for May is taking the same route of splitting their commission up that the past few have. However, this one is even stranger, opting to make one of their two one-character pics into an Ask. That being said, this Ask is still done the same as others, I picked the question and chose how to answer it, but they apparently really wanted to get a Cheetara Ask and figured leveraging their Lord Tier commission would be the best way to do that. I chose this one in part ’cause the obvious partner for a question like this, Sonic, is an easy one to convey without drawing too much of his body. Tomorrow’s pic will be the other half of this Subscriber’s commission, a more traditional one-character piece.

The 1 Club – Sonic Bang

It’s not always the case that a 1 Club pic has a theme or connection between the participants. However, when I think of one that works while meeting the criteria of the series (a character I’ve only drawn once and a character I’ve drawn ten times or more), then I feel like I need to run with it. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is a very sexy ninja boy on One-Punch Man, and I feel like I don’t need to explain why I decided to pair him with Sonic the Hedgehog here. I just hope you all enjoy this fun little pairing.

Sonic the Hedgehog Character Ask 1

I figured it was time enough for Sonic to have some fun with someone other than Chris or other Mobians. I feel like he could’ve been paired with any of the Saiya-jins in the Studio for this to work, but I figured I would go ahead and bring out Gohan for this one. I like to think Sonic just finished rapid-fire jackhammering Gohan’s booty, and then took a moment to give his response while Gohan catches his breath.

March ’21 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic made for my subscribers over on SubscribeStar last month! As always, the script for this was submitted by one of my subscribers there, and the premise for this one is hopefully obvious. They wanted to see Chris Thorndyke fucked by some Saiya-jins, but didn’t want to miss out on the Mobians, so we got him shared between a Saiya-jin and a Mobian pair in each panel. Most of the pairings are pretty obvious, too, with Sonic and Goku getting him in one panel, Vegeta and Shadow in another, Silver and Trunks together as future boys… not sure what the connection between Goten and Knuckles is, though. It’s possible they’re just the leftover boys.

Deep In A Rose

I feel like I’ve had a bit of success with perspective shots like this one in the past. I thought a pic like this might be a good way to work in some Mobian content, since I usually struggle so much with these characters. I’ve wanted to do a little something with Amy Rose for a minute, and so I decided to go with her and Sonic for this little pic.

Also, for anyone interested, here is the QnA video I did for subscribers last month:

June ’20 One-Shot

So this is the script that one out for June’s One-Shot contest. The idea here was pretty straightforward, and not at all outside the realms of what I’ve done with Chris Thorndyke in the past. We’ve always played up that he’s a slut for Mobian cock, and this comic just takes that premise and runs with it. A couple of the characters here are new to this site, specifically Espio the Chameleon and Mighty the Armadillo. Unfortunately due to a handful of factors neither of their faces show, but hopefully colors and such will still make it clear who they are for anyone familiar with them.