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Lapis Lazuli Character Ask 1

It’s interesting to me how Steven Universe porn makes up a huge portion of my personal consumption, but a fairly small portion of the art I make. A lot of my go-to series are like that, maybe there’s a reason for it. Regardless, I do want to do more with the characters, and Lapidot content is something I’m happy to finally cross off my list. Both Lapis and Peridot got delayed debuts due to something I think I’ve discussed before, but I’ll tell the story again here. In 2015 I drew Lapis and Peridot in a sixty-nine type pic, though it was a backburner project that was slow on getting inked/colored. While it sat on the backburner, Peridot made her face turn and lost her robotic prosthetics, revealing she’s actually rather small. Since I didn’t know this when I drew the original pic, I got a weird feeling about it and basically dropped it, but that caused me to also never gain the motivation to do a new Lapis/Peridot pic, even when they became more or less canon in the show itself. So, now that we’re eight years later, I’m happy to do at least one pic with the two of them, although I’d be happy to do more if I can find the time.

Jasmine x Lapis

Okay, so many, many years ago (back when I was still on Blogspot), I tried to do a big orgy pic that featured a bunch of the characters I’d drawn up to that point. It was mostly populated by characters I thought I’d be drawing a lot at the time, most of whom I haven’t actually drawn more than a handful of times looking back at it now. I put a lot of work into this pic back then, and it’s kinda hovered over my head for a long time. I’ve decided to go back to it, working on it piecemeal in smaller pics. If I get enough of it done this way, then maybe it won’t seem so daunting to go in and finish the full thing somewhere down the line.
This pairing of Lapis and Jasmine was done around the time I drew both of them for the first time, and was the most completed segment of the full image. So I went in and finished it. This drawing is extremely old, and I’d draw these two different if I did it today, I think, but hopefully people will still enjoy seeing them together even if the lineart’s not up to my current standards.


So, due to a few inconvenient elements coming together, I ended up burning through a lot of my pre-work that I rely on to keep my upload schedule. As a result, I’m planning to focus on a handful of simple, smaller pics I’ve got lying around. They’re mostly just girls I like showing off their ass and/or feet, but I think some of my audience is into that so hopefully it won’t be an issue. This Peridot pic predates her First Shoot debut, it’s one of those older attempts to do a drawing of her I never got around to inking or coloring. Working with her recently got me in the mood to pick this back up, though, so here she is!

First Shoot #4 – Peridot

Here’s the last of the three First Shoot debuts that tied in our second poll! Peridot was one I was personally rooting for, but didn’t expect to do well. Of the main five gems in Steven Universe, she’s the only one I’d never drawn, though not for a lack of trying. I actually drew Peridot with Lapis back when she first appeared in the series (during the period where Lapis was her prisoner). While I had that pic in my drafts, they revealed that her arms and legs had extensions on them and she was actually short, and that kinda made my pic feel dated so I dropped it. I tried drawing her with Lapis a few more times since then, but the pics just never came together for one reason or another. So here she is now, in all her glory, paired with Kai from The Legend of Korra. This is Kai’s first appearance in color, as I’ve only drawn him in an old lineart commission before now.

NHS Fusions – Inkmethyst

The poll for this Fusion was a female-only one focusing on plus-sized characters. I can’t say I was surprised to see Inko and Amethyst win, both tend to get good reactions when I’ve drawn them in the past. I waffled a bit on how to handle Inkmethyst’s skin tone, but decided to not go full-purple on her. The lighting in the pic is a bit violet, but her skin tone’s still a human one, just a bit pinker than Inko’s normally is. I think this Fusion’s a cute one, and I hope y’all like her.

Also, for anyone interested, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Catra Character Ask 1

Since I tag Fusions a crossovers, Catra does technically at least appear under the crossover tag in my work, but I don’t really think that counts as a proper crossover. Not doing one with her wasn’t intentional or anything, but I think her antisocial tendencies make for a fine explanation as to why she’s only worked with people she knew well in her old life. For this pic, I went with Pearl mostly just because I like drawing Pearl but rarely do, and she’s a character I kinda enjoy pairing with anyone. Plus, cats love licking buttholes, so I thought Catra might get a kick out of Pearl’s blue little hole.

Amethyst Character Ask 1

So, like the last Ask, I needed a it of a simple one to do while I’m working on the monthly comic pages for SubscribeStar. This one stood out to me for a couple of reasons. One is just that we’ve never had a Steven Universe Ask, and I wanted to change that. Also, answering this one’s allowed me to give us our first good look at my version of Amethyst’s body, as her past couple of appearances haven’t really been full-body shots like this. Amethyst is fun to draw, and I enjoyed revisiting her here. As for her answer, it’s always a little awkward balancing a series own canon with my own version of the story, but I tried to have her answer reflect what I thought was reasonable and believable from what we see in the series. I’ve always liked the idea of Rose asking Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst to help her figure this sex thing out in preparation for Greg, and the way Amethyst and Greg interact in the show makes it very easy to extrapolate there might be at least a casual sexual tension between them. However, since Character Asks are limited to just who is in the Studio, Amethyst could only recollect on these exploits, rather than demonstrate them.

Uruka Takemoto Character Ask 2

So, funny story, I actually was already planning to draw this pairing for a random encounter in the Studio Tour game at the pool. Since I had a poolside pairing for Uruka already in mind, I figured I’d go ahead and work it into this Ask. I’ll still do the event in the game, too (though not in the next update, but maybe the one after that). Also I decided to give the Ask Room a pool for just this one, since I don’t do unique backgrounds and locations for Asks but still wanted them to be poolside.

Amethyst’s POV

I wasn’t originally planning to tie this to the Pearl pic I did a while back, but when I realized I’d ended up doing another Crystal Gem POV shot I figured that the title would work just fine. Vidalia is an old friend of Amethyst’s in the show, and I think their dynamic is pretty cute. We see Vidalia’s love for Amethyst in her art, as her garage is filled with paintings of her old friend after they’d drifted apart. I thought it’d be a little kinky to have her eating Amethyst out in that setting, so that’s what I tried to do here, though I’m a little concerned I was too subtle with the background and you can’t tell that those are paintings of Amethyst back there. At any rate, I wouldn’t be opposed to drawing more with these two somewhere down the line. Amethyst’s not my favorite Gem, but she is cute, and Vidalia’s absolutely my type.