Character Asks

Monkey D. Luffy Character Ask 3

So for this Ask my main thought was, well, I don’t really see Goku and Luffy keeping score, you know? Honestly, I kinda doubt either of them would even keep count of how many people they’ve been with (they don’t strike me as big fans of counting). However, Luffy and Goku do both enjoy having fun, which is what he was in the middle of to answer this.

Maka Albarn Character Ask 1

So I for this Ask I was at first thinking, you know, in the “canon” of the Near Hentai Studio, the characters aren’t simultaneously living their original lives. Like, the Maka in the studio isn’t still going to school or whatever, that’s left to the Maka living in the canon of Soul Eater. However, that seemed like it’d be a bit pretentious as an answer, and for all I know Maka would want to keep up with her studies even if she was living a new life in some sort of extra-dimensional porn commune like I depict the Studio to be (I don’t know if this is in character for her, I know nothing about Maka Albarn’s personality, values, or goals). So I took up the idea that she’s studying for studying’s sake, and in that regard my mind went in what I imagine was the idea behind this Patron’s question, that being her connection to Gohan. The one time I’ve drawn Maka was with Gohan (though it was a POV shot, so that fact may not have been obvious), and of the people in the Studio, Gohan’s going to be one of the most inclined to help with studying. Of course, the Near Hentai versions of these characters are all horndogs as well, so the studying session might end up looking a bit different from what one might normally expect.

Son Goku Character Ask 8

So my very first thought when I saw this question was to have Goku answer he likes the meals after. It just… felt right. The way I conveyed that went through a few stages, though. At first I was going to just have him eating at a table or something, but I didn’t really feel like drawing a bunch of food and was worried people would find that too boring. So then I had this idea, and was thinking of maybe just having it be Gohan (since Gohan’s kinda his default “boy” partner). Mentioning the studio, though, I figured it’d be better to do a random boy from my roster instead. Mob recently got to make his debut in a commission, but in that pic we didn’t get to see much of him. I thought this would be a good chance to show off his goods, since I don’t know when he’ll be making another appearance again. While coloring it I had the idea of Goku’s food dribbling onto Mob’s butt cheeks. Maybe after he finishes the meat, Goku can lick it off for that final savory taste.

Red Character Ask 1

So, my first instinct here was that Red wouldn’t be rankled. He just doesn’t seem like the type to me. However, I then had the thought that it might be kinda funny if the picture implied the reason he wasn’t rankled was because Ash is such a slut and he’s enjoying the benefits of that, too. It is, after all, a bit difficult to hold a grudge against someone with your cock in their mouth (or so I’d assume). So, now that I’ve explained the joke, hopefully it’s 10x funnier.

Noel Cypress Character Ask 3

It’s been a minute since I’ve drawn Noel, hasn’t it? It feels like it has. For those who don’t know, Noel Cypress is a close friend of mine who also happens to be the head of Pixel Vixens and a fairly prolific erotic cosplayer/camgirl. I’ve done fanart of her a few times, and would like to do more, which is where this question comes in. A lot of her response ended up being me covering my ass, because there’s no way I can guarantee something with all the projects I can juggle. I do have an Anya/Noel Pokemon trainer pic in production, but I started it ages ago and have no idea when (if ever) it’ll get wrapped up. Similarly, I’ve wanted to do some Digimon content with Noel for a while (even working out a Digidestined-inspired outfit for her), but I don’t know when I’ll have the time to do it. Hopefully I’ll get to do more with her eventually, though, ’cause I have a lot of fun drawing her. She’s really cute and fun to draw.

Machi Komacine Character Ask 1

Sometimes the answer’s kinda direct, you know? I’m not positive what direction (if any) the asker of this question was hoping Machi’s response to go in, but the way I read her character it’s a bit difficult for me to picture her ever expressing much concern over something like this. She has kinda a cool, distant way about her. I wanted to do this one mostly ’cause I know several people were hoping to see me draw Machi again. When I did the One-Shot featuring her a few people expressed interest in seeing her with her loose hair design, too, so I figured this would be a good chance to bust that out.

Ochaco Uraraka Character Ask 1

So, a while back I did an Ask for Gohan and Zangya basically just asking which one performed better analingus. Gohan mentioned getting a third party involved, which sparked a whole conversation on my Discord between a few Patrons about who should judge, etc. So this Ask is attempting to continue that narrative by asking the individuals who came up as judges in that conversation about the contest. I was involved in the chat (though mostly on the side), but had no intention of actually doing anything with the concept. However, if these Asks continue on this path for the next few months, maybe we will have an actual winner. We shall see.
One of the judges who was named in that conversation was Uraraka here, for a pretty simple reason. Despite being from a different franchise, she has ties to both Gohan and Zangya through my Studio Tour and Character Asks. Zangya’s been stated to have a close relationship with all the MHA girls (though she’s so far only been shown with Jiro, it was mentioned she’s taken on a mentor role with most of them), while her and Gohan were shown having a bit of a fling in a previous Ask. Also, Uraraka’s got a booty just begging to be eaten out, so here we are.