She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Good Aim

So I’m still riding high on some She-Ra content, hope y’all don’t mind. I sketched a few different ideas not too long ago for characters from the show, and this was one I thought would be fun to flesh out a bit. Of course I decided it’d be best to have the cock used be Bow (the dialogue was a bit of a last-minute addition while I was inking). Anyone hoping to see Bow in more of a yaoi context after that pic of his butt the other day, though, don’t worry! I have a lot of gay stuff planned for Bow in the future, it’s just a matter of when I’ll be able to get to it.

Bow Booty

Here’s Bow from the new She-Ra series. I just kinda felt like drawing him after the new season dropped recently. I think Bow’s design is really cute, the sort of boyish type masculinity that I don’t see that often (most guys I think are cute are girlier). I’ve seen a lot of pics of characters who seem to be having trouble getting their pants or whatever fitting over their dummy thicc butts, and Bow’s booty is juicy enough I thought it’d be fun to do it with him. I expect to be drawing Bow more in the future (both fucking other characters, male and female, in the show, but possibly also getting fucked himself), so I hope y’all like him.

Adora Anal

This is a simple pic I did on the side featuring Adora from the new She-Ra series. Originally this pic didn’t have the little “Bo bubble” showing who was supplying the dick. Although I was confident it’d be clear just through skin color, someone asking about the guy’s identity off the original lineart prompted me to add his face in just because. I had the empty space anyway, and I think Bo’s cute so including his reaction enhances the image, I think.
Anyway, I really dig Adora’s new design and hopefully I’ll get to draw her again eventually. ^_^


So this is Mermista, of Netflix’s new She-Ra series. I like her in this series a lot. She’s got the deadpan snarker gimmick, combined with a really exotic design that souldn’t work with her dry valley girl-esque voice but kinda does. I wanted to do a quick and simple pic of her before delving into a bit more (I’d like to do pics of her with both She-Ra and Glimmer, similar to the She-Ra/Glimmer pic I did before). There might be more simple Princesses of Power pics like this to come in the future, as well.

She-Ra and Glimmer

So I watched the new Netflix She-Ra and really loved it. Before I’d even finished the series I was busy working on this pic, because I know from experience that if I put off drawing a show until after I’ve watched it I lose some momentum and never get around to doing the pic (a lot of shows I was really excited to draw when I watched them I haven’t gotten to yet). So I got this out, and due to the high-energy I was feeling (it’d been a while since I’d drawn anything that wasn’t a commission or a Patreon reward or something like that), I ended up drawing the concept from several angles and liking them a lot. So I combined them here into what I think is a fairly unusual sort of pic from me, but I’m really happy with it. I really like the art direction of the series, almost every single character interests me and is on my radar, so I hope I can come back to it later and do some more with these characters. My main interests in the series are all yuri pairings, but there are some straight and gay possibilities I might try out, too.
As for the two here, I wanted to do something cute with Glimmer because I ended up liking her way more than I thought I would. I paired her with She-Ra because, well, it made sense and I wanted to draw the title character in my first outing with the new series. I drew She-Ra a bit more full-bodied than she looks in the show, but I justified it to myself as her body being less on display in her She-Ra outfit, which I think is meant to be more like armor than regular clothes. Adora is smaller than She-Ra in this series, so if I get to do a Glimmer/Adora pic down the road they’ll be a lot closer to the same size.