God Form Goku

So when I first saw Goku transform into a Super Saiya-jin God, my first thought was, “Pink, huh?” My second thought was that this form was pretty cute, and I knew I wanted to draw him like this some day. I never really got around to it until just recently, when I decided to put out a simple solo nude pic. I don’t know if I’ll draw Goku like this again, but if I do I think he’s a lot more likely to be on bottom than how I usually draw him.

Officially the God transformation, in addition to obvious things like hair and eye color, makes Goku slimmer and younger than he is normally. That’s why I didn’t draw him quite as buff her as, say, either of my comics he co-stars in. His skin is also a slightly different shade, which I think looks quite tasty. I hope you guys enjoy him.

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