July ’18 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic page selected by my supporters last month. This is another one of those “four unconnected panels” ones, but it did give me the excuse to finally do some Assassination Classroom work, as well as use Clementine again in something other than a Character Ask. Hope everyone likes the pic.

Also, I did another Q&A video recently.


  1. Devin

    Karma and Nagisa look freaking hot together! I’m so, so, SO happy you made some AssClass art!!! Assignation Classroom is one of my fave anime’s of all time!

    Karma’s looks hot fucking Nagisa… I’m going to imagine they are doing it in front of their classmates because Karma both wants to prove he got to Nagisa first and he just wants an audience… He’s a crazy boy that Karma, poor Nagisa. I wonder if Karma would watch other people kiss or do more with his crush/possible bf Nagisa. He didn’t mind when Nagisa was kissed by bitch-sansei, Nagisa needs to be shared with the world!

    Also love watching Deku be a whore… I ship him with all of the boys (except the kid with balls for hair) and even some of the girls. Heck I wouldn’t mind him getting with Ochaco if she was shown more. They have the potential to be cute, but they put Izuku with all sorts of hot guys because he needs the dick.

    Also I bet Kacchan is pissed he has to share Deku aka one of his boyfriends but that is what you get for being a dick to him.

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