Son Goku Character Ask 7

So this Ask could’ve been answered with just Goku talking to the camera, but then I thought it’d be neat to try and show him with some random crossover boy (even though he doesn’t really have an actual answer to the question. I ended up adding two more boys just ’cause… I’d never accept an Ask that demanded this many characters, but since it was my own decision it’s okay. ^_^; I went with three random boys, trying my best to avoid any sort of theme or anything with the selections. Just three boys who would be in the studio. I guess Goku’s pretty popular around the NH Studio, and he’s such an easy-going guy that he just goes along with whatever.


  1. PuckReq

    There definitely should be more of that Assassination Classroom boy with the sweet butt and blue hair. (Nagisa Shiota.) It’s one of those baffling lacks in general that can’t possibly be explained but that are just the case.

    But I really wanted to ask if you could do some of Berserk’s Puck? It’s one of the best nude “kids” in manga/anime in plain sight, with some hot poses already in the first chapter. I first thought it was a loli, eventually I was fine with it being a shota… But there is almost no material, despite it being an obvious choice and ALREADY nude and incredibly hot! Definitely lacking…

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