Month: May 2019

Riley Blowjob

So I know there’s gonna be at least a few of you who saw the title of this pic and assumed it was new Boondocks porn, and to y’all I apologize. I haven’t drawn Riley Andersen since Sleepover Raid wrapped up, and I decided to change that. When I first saw Inside Out I had figured I’d be drawing Riley a fair amount. I really like her design, and her being just a normal girl would make it easy to plug her into all sort of situations. That didn’t happen for whatever reason, but the other day I found myself really drawn to the idea of doing more with 3D lolis from films and television. I’m not sure how long that urge will last, or how much it’ll change my output for the time being, but if you do see more Dreamworks/Pixar/etc. girls showing up around here in the coming weeks, that’s why. For this pic I’d originally planned on it just being any old dick she was licking, but then I decided to add in the bottom of a jacket to help imply it’s Jordan, the boy she meets at the end of the film and goes on a date with in the short film that came with the home release.
I can’t say for sure when Riley will show up again in my own work, but I do 100% intend to bring her into the MomSwap series eventually. I wouldn’t be opposed to doing a few more simple pics like this with her in the future, though.

Space Emperor Slut, Page 11

So, it took longer than I would’ve liked but I finally got the eleventh page of SES done! In this page we jump forward just a smidge to see Vegeta and Goku double-teaming Frieza. ^_^ Vegeta’s a lot meaner than Goku, to no one’s surprise I’m sure. I’ve been trying to decide when I want to move on to my next comic project, and I think I want to do one more page of this comic so we can (hopefully) end on a cliffhanger until I get back around to it again.

Ash Ketchum Character Ask 6

So this is an Ask I’ve neglected to answer for a couple months now (sorry WildBlue). I just couldn’t think of an interesting way to have Ash respond that felt, like… right. I believe this Ask is specifically trying to play into a fetish for being nude and being seen nude, but that’s kinda hard to work with, especially when all the Asks are answered in the nude anyway. So if Ash answered “no” (which felt right, honestly, though I also had trouble thinking of how to phrase it), then his answer would be super weird if he was also just standing their naked. When I did hit on his answer that he gives here, though, that felt really accurate for a response. It also gave me the chance to give some more interesting visuals, since he could kinda demonstrate the results of him being nude around his Pokémon. I went with Infernape as his partner since 1) I didn’t want to introduce a new ‘mon I hadn’t drawn yet and 2) While I’ve drawn Infernape, I haven’t drawn him with Ash despite Ash and his Infernape having a really cute dynamic in the Diamond and Pearl series. I think that covers all the explanation for this one, so please enjoy seeing Ash get his ass wrecked by a fire monkey.

Subaru and Puck

This is another commission from my Epic Tier on Patreon, this time featuring two characters from Re:Zero. I only saw a brief portion of the first episode of this anime. It didn’t really hold my attention, and I don’t really have any opinions on it, haha. I never met this cat character (I’m referring to him as Puck, since that seems to be the official English translation of his name, but my client for this pic is from a non-English country and referred to him as Pack in the info for the pic), but my understanding is he’s got a lot of magical abilities. The way the cum moves in this pic is very unrealistic to me, but I think it’s fair to assume Puck is using his magic to guide the cumshot into the destination we see here. 😀

Pearl’s Alone Time

So the other day I found myself really wanting to draw Pearl again. I did a couple sketches at the time, and liked this one enough to try and flesh it out. Since I was really feeling this one for whatever reason, I decided to use it as a sort of cool-down between some of the obligatory work I’m in the middle of before getting back to the commissions and such. I dunno if other people will enjoy this pic, but I had fun making it and I’m feeling a bit better about adapting the Steven Universe style.

Carnal Kingdom – Mina Ashido and Ochaco Uraraka Sold

So here’s an Epic Tier commission, following up on this Patron’s commission from last month. It seems Mina and Ochaco were bought by a bordello, who are using them for an open invitation to all sorts of customers (demons, ogres, humans, what-have-you). This one was a bit of a challenge, especially factoring in the cum version (the Patron paid extra for both the complexity of the pic and the alternate version), but hopefully the final result was worth it. Hope you all enjoy. ^_^

Son Goten Character Ask 4

When I read this one, my first thought was, “Who would Goten consider his master?” No one really comes to mind. I mean, Piccolo trained him and Trunks a little with the fusion stuff, but I don’t think I really count that (plus I can’t recall those two interacting with him much outside of that one time). Similarly he’d spar sometimes with Chi-Chi as we see in one flashback, and he joined Videl in taking flying lessons from Gohan, but… none of those feel like the same sort of relationship as what made Goku/Gohan work for me in Special Training. I may not be positive what this Patreon was hoping the response would be, but I think Goten’s confused reply here makes more sense for him.

Gohan and Ashido

Alright, so this is a Mini Commission nominated through my Patreon. The Patron here wanted Gohan in a “scissors” position with Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia. Since it’s a Mini Commish, though, only her legs are visible here… The pink skin is meant to convey her identity, but I was a little worried it wouldn’t be clear (if I saw Gohan with a pink woman, I’d probably assume it was Android 21?), so I threw the vest from her superhero costume over the back of the couch. Anyway, hope you all enjoy. ^_^

Also, I decided to go ahead and tag this pic as being part of the Xoverse. I haven’t done much with Gohan in the Xoverse yet, but one idea I liked was that Xoverse Gohan is a U.A. student alongside the MHA cast, under the superhero identity Great Saiyaman. Since I based  the background colors in this pic on the couches in the U.A. dorm I figured there’s no reason not to let this be canon in that setting.

Arella Character Ask 2

In the weeks approaching Mother’s Day, Raven found herself without any clue what to get her mother back in Azarath. Their relationship had been forever changed since she and Beast Boy had visited her a while back, but that only made her desire to get her mother something special even stronger. She had tried talking to Beast Boy about it, but he was predictably unhelpful. Then, with only a few days left before the maternal holiday, Raven and B.B. sat down for a movie night. They popped some popcorn and sat down to watch Requiem for a Dream, a movie Raven had been meaning to watch for a while, but Beast Boy had never heard of. They both had different reactions to the bulk of the film, but they clicked on one scene at the end. As Jennifer Connely found herself surrounded by screaming business men, throwing dollars onto her sticky, naked body, Raven looked over to Beast Boy. He looked back, a wry smile on his face as he’d had the same idea. Arella’s Mother’s Day gift was decided.

MomSwap – Cindy and Willow

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all of you who are able get the chance to spend some time with your mother today.

It’s been a while, but I went on a bit of a kick on A Kind of Magic in early 2016. I knew when I started this series I wanted to bring Willow and Cindy back for MomSwap, since I never did get around to drawing them together back then (was more focused on pairing Tom with them at the time). Now’s the time, though! This is another one of those shows where I’m less confident in how my approach works with the art style, but I think I did better with them now than I had in the past. I might try and bring these characters (especially Willow) back into my rotation more often if anyone would like to see more of them.