NHS Fusions – Harkey D. Quinfy

I was pretty surprised by the results of this Fusion poll, but I think these characters do kind of relate in their manic personalities. I did have trouble figuring out what elements of Luffy’s design to incorporate, since I feel like his most recognizable traits are all ones that wouldn’t come across in a Fusion the way I’ve described them up to now. His hat, his scars, are all things that were off the table. Harkey does get to have Luffy’s big cock, though, since I always said if we got a male/female fusion they’d be a futa. I do also picture Harkey going by they/them pronouns since they’re literally half male and half female (both physically and in identity).


  1. Radikan

    I’m sorry but… this is the worst character from your studio so far.
    You draw well as always don’t get me wrong ! But this “thing” is just too… ugly…

    1. Anonymous

      What are you saying? Are you crazy man?? This work is absolutely wonderful! The fusion is just Perfect, love how monkey d. luffy x harley Quinn match together, they’re so lovely! Continue likes that master Near, you’re doping great 😉

      1. PedrosArte

        I’m against sorry. The facial expression could be Harley for sure, but not Luffy at all.
        This is not what this character is. And the colors, by that I mean the paint on his face, don’t look great.They don’t match at all.

        1. agilecroutons

          But if you google image search Luffy, you’ll see hundreds of pics of him making this exact expression. Curious.

          1. PedrosArte

            Sorry for these multiple message, but by that I meant that luffy is not like that.
            He’s smiling yes, like a lot of other characters. But Harley.. she’s crazy. Simple as that. And luffy is not.

            If she smile it’s just because she’s crazy in her minds and want to kill someone, Batman surely.

          2. PesdroArte

            Luffy smile because he’s just an happy dude, in this draw the character facial expression is just the opposite. A crazy smile from a crazy character with a murder expression on his face.

  2. Kyonshin

    This si a no for me. Luffy is a great character, some can say the same for Harley, but they don’t fit together for me.
    But that’s a nice draw !

  3. PedrosArte

    I don’t know why my message appeared 4th time sorry, must have been my poo connection. If someone can delete some of them please ! I’m sorry for that.

    1. agilecroutons

      I can’t reply in the previous thread, so I’m replying here.

      I don’t know if this smile really looks “murderous” to me, just kind of manic, which I think makes sense! For a fusion you’d want to find things the characters have in common, and Luffy and Harley’s manic, excitable personalities are kind of like two sides of the same coin. So probably Harkey just falls somewhere between Luffy’s happy optimism and Harley’s psychotic madness.

      1. CJohnson

        Nah I understand what he mean
        Harley is just a psycho who kill everyone she’s the opposite of ma boi Luffy
        Nothing in common at all
        Sry but this pdrax is a big nah for me too

        1. Animelover96

          I don’t agree so much with this, because if you think a moment about these two characters, yes harley is just mad and kill everyone ok, but is false to say that harley is the opposite of luffy, because right he doesn’t kill everyone, But you can’t say that luffy is a totally normal guy that doesn’t do or think anything crazy. What I’m saying is that for me the idea of Near was to match two crazy characters and who’s better than harley and luffy for this? Eh because if you think about the character of luffy for all the anime/manga, you can say that luffy is So Crazy man! So for me this is the Perfect fusion, congratulations Near!

          1. BokuNoMomo

            Luffy is not “crazy” like Harley is… Luffy is a “pure” character while Harley is just tinged with evil. Luffy is “crazy” like any kid, he’s just super childish.
            This is one of the most opposite choices you can make with studio characters.

            The worst fusion of all, and by far.

          2. Post
    1. Anonymous

      No we don’t.
      I hope we don’t see this character again… or REALLY not often. It’s horrific and clearly not the best of your work.

  4. BokuNoMomo

    I can’t answer you directly next to it, but I know it. I’m criticizing the bad taste of this choice, not your art! Super draw, but until now all characters fusions were super good, or at least they still matched.

    For this one, it’s just… bad. The body / face and the rest don’t match the original character, luffy, for me.
    On Harley side, I guess it work, but this fusion is more like 80% Harley and 20% or less of Luffy.

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