Duck Dodgers In the Martian Queen’s Ass

Queen Tyr’ahnee’s a character I’ve wanted to do something with for a long time. Years and years ago she was on a list of villainesses for an event that never came to fruition. I had a sketch of her done for it, though, and kept thinking I’d come back to it eventually and give her a Near Hentai debut. Looking back at it, though, I didn’t really care for the old drawing, so I just did a new one. Anyway, I’m happy to finally get the Martian Queen in the Studio, and I hope you all enjoy her!


  1. Misko

    Alright this great, and now I need too see a Queen Tyr’ahnee footjob please her pitch black feet with the purple nail polish is just perfect and I don’t care who she gives it too it can Duck Dodgers, Marvin the Martian, or a pov I just need to see her give one.

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