Corey Park Character Ask 8

This Ask serves a couple functions for me, which is why I wanted to run with it. First is just getting to draw Ursula again, which I like, but more importantly using Corey allows me to establish something with her that opens up how she can be used in future pics. Corey’s not the type of guy who’d be comfortable around tentacles, I think. I’m sure he’s seen how other cute boys in the Studio have interacted with tentacles in the past, and that’s not really what he’s about. However, establishing that Ursula can get rid of them (without using the human disguise from her movie, which is a design I’m less interested in), now opens her up for much more content. Otherwise, she’d be stuck pretty much with oral, handjobs/fingering, and boob stuff, which is fine, but now we have a canon explanation for drawing her with human lower parts if I want to later.


  1. Red Fire 2013

    I love this character so much, but I think he should to be fucked at least by once in his life, now that I see he’s a bisexual one.

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