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Word Gets Around

This is the second half of a Lord Tier commission. The idea behind this commission is that, following his Dare with Vegeta, Corey’s approached by a bunch of Studio tops. I don’t really know how I feel about this direction for him, but the client tried to keep some of his bravado in his response, for what it’s worth. The guys featured here have some small clues as to who they are, but to help out we’ve got Goku, Kirishima, Luffy, Krillin and Gon.

Corey and Kai Character Ask 1

Lin was an obvious eventual pairing with Corey once she debuted, and while I personally don’t know how much I agree, there’s been some discussion of Kai being similar to Corey since he’s also topped older characters in my work before. I figured this Ask might be a fun one for some people for those reasons, and I don’t really need much convincing to do more Lin anyway.
Kai was introduced after I stopped watching TLoK, so I don’t actually know much about his dynamic with Lin, or if they even had one. Assuming he does interact with her, though, I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s found her way into his fantasies at some point.
Also, for anyone interested in last month’s Q&A video for SubscribeStar, here it is:

Kids and Their Phones

So, the plan with Corey and Ms. Dumpsey has always been for him to move from just fucking her himself to renting her out to the other kids in the neighborhood. I’m not there yet, largely because I haven’t decided exactly how I want to frame it yet. Originally I’d planned to do them as a series of comics within Applebridge Snapshots, like the original Corey/Dumpsey event, but now I feel like that’d take me too long to work through. While I continue workshopping the concept, though, I figured I’d show how Corey’s been sharing the footage he’s shot with her. I’ve wanted to do a pic like this for a while, with the POV character watching something compromising of the person they’re talking to, and Ms. Dumpsey’s a perfect character for it due to the gap between her normal personality and what Corey’s done to her. Hopefully somewhere down the line we’ll see her put to more use as I figure out my approach.

Corey Park’s First Dare

I have a pretty limited range of uses for Corey, I think he works best in a specific setting with a specific dynamic. However, every now and then it can be cute to see someone taken out of their element a little. While I don’t really like the idea of Corey ever going full bottom, I still think Mace and Jackie’s energy was pretty badly damaged by that, but a little bit of him outside his comfort zone can be fun, I hope.

Corey Park Character Ask 8

This Ask serves a couple functions for me, which is why I wanted to run with it. First is just getting to draw Ursula again, which I like, but more importantly using Corey allows me to establish something with her that opens up how she can be used in future pics. Corey’s not the type of guy who’d be comfortable around tentacles, I think. I’m sure he’s seen how other cute boys in the Studio have interacted with tentacles in the past, and that’s not really what he’s about. However, establishing that Ursula can get rid of them (without using the human disguise from her movie, which is a design I’m less interested in), now opens her up for much more content. Otherwise, she’d be stuck pretty much with oral, handjobs/fingering, and boob stuff, which is fine, but now we have a canon explanation for drawing her with human lower parts if I want to later.

Studio Life Magazine 1 with Corey Park

So, this is part of a Lord Tier Commission. Like the last one, this Subscriber decided to split their two-character commission into two one-character pics, specifically this faux magazine cover idea here. The star of the first one is Corey Park, a favorite of this Subscriber. All of the article titles advertised here were written up by the commissioner, so please don’t read into any of it as teasing future content or anything, haha. In a couple days we’ll see the cover for volume two of “Studio Life,” and I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

Corey Park Character Ask 6

I was a little unsure about this Ask at first, since it was so straightforward I was worried it might be a little boring. However, I really like Bunny Bravo and wanted to draw more of her, and Corey’s a natural partner for her… Once I thought of the idea of Corey making a trade with Johnny, though, I figured that was enough of a twist to help make things interesting. Maybe we’ll get to see Johnny and Dumpsey eventually, too, who knows, but for now I hope y’all enjoy this one.