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Silas Holloway’s First Dare

So, I was hesitant to do this Dare for two reasons. One is that I just drew Silas a few days ago for an Ask. Another is that I don’t typically like doing holiday-based Asks or Dares ’cause, while this post is going out to my Subscribers on Halloween, it’ll be February by the time it goes public. Regardless, I did go ahead and decide to do this one, and I hope those of you seeing this post in February can forgive the out-of-season spookiness.

Clean Break, Page 5

When my Subscribers decided on the new straight ongoing comic, they voted first on the characters and then the story. After getting Eren, Armin and Mikasa, there was some back-and-forth over which portion of Attack on Titan the comic would take place in. At the time, putting it earlier in the show won out, hence the comic up to this point. This month only one script was submitted, and it called for moving the comic into sometime between seasons three and four, during a period conveyed mostly in flashbacks. I’m not thrilled about abruptly cutting off the comic’s momentum in this way, and I’m a little worried the title no longer makes sense, but hopefully people will still be able to enjoy however much of this one we have left at this point.

December ’23 One-Shot

The winning One-Shot script this month features a smattering of characters from The Legend of Korra and Attack on Titan. The script called for their late-season designs, which I hope I was able to do (especially for TLoK, aside from Korra herself I don’t really know how anyone’s designs change). It also features the debuts of Sasha and Kuvira, although in both cases I feel I’ll be using different looks for them if they show up again.

Studio Christmas Party Highlights 2023

Continuing the new tradition I started last year, for Christmas this year I want to take a little look at the annual Near Hentai Studios Christmas Party. A couple of these panels were ideas I had last year but couldn’t do, either because I ran out of space or because the character(s) I wanted to use hadn’t publicly debuted yet. Others are just ideas off the top of my head this year, and hopefully we got a fun mix of appeals. Also we get to see our 2023 Studio Santa again, and I immediately had this idea for how Scorpia would work in this role, which I think is fun. At any rate, I hope most of you can enjoy at least one of these panels, and I’m already looking forward to trying out more ideas next year!

Crossover Threesome MMC

This is a Master Mini Commission for one of my Master Tier Subscribers. Pretty simple stuff here, they just wanted to see three of their favorite characters together. So we’ve got season four Eren Jaeger, Yuji Itadori, and Vegeta. Yuji seemed like a good one to have split in the middle of the other two, replacing Anya from his last crossover threesome with Eren.