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February ’24 One-Shot

The February One-Shot had a very simple premise, to see Goku giving his “special training” to three characters he hadn’t yet in the Studio. It’s a pretty straightforward theme, which I think is nice for the final comic. The three characters this Subscriber chose are Inosuke, Najimi and Kai, who have all been on very different tracks in the Studio so far I think.

Yuji Itadori Character Ask 2

I didn’t really like the idea of Yuji palling around with Tanjiro or Zenitsu, I kinda see his and Inosuke’s Studio friendship as removed from either show and more about just them. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten around to drawing these two actually fucking, and thought finally doing that would maybe soften the blow of not doing Yuji/Tanjiro or whatever else this Subscriber was hoping for with this question.

October ’23 One-Shot

Like last month’s winner, this One-Shot script is a sequel of sorts to a previous one. In that one we saw a variety of characters in the Studio gym, but this time we focus just on A-ko as she pairs with a handful of different characters. Since this was the October script, it was specified that it should be “after hours”, hence the darker color palette than last time.

Tanjiro Kamado Character Ask 3

I’m not personally attracted to or interested in Tanjiro, however I know that many people are and I don’t mind throwing those folks a bone every now and then. Normally with a question like this, I’d worry about the answer being too boring to work with. In this case, though, I thought his answer changing based on Inosuke’s presence in the Studio would be a fun twist. In fact, it’s possible he hadn’t even intended for Inosuke to be involved in the answering, he just demanded some ass during Tanjiro’s scheduled Ask time.

Inosuke Hashibira Character Ask 3

I’ve been having trouble with Asks lately. I don’t know if it’s just a burnout thing or what, but I’ve been struggling to engage with them in interesting or fun ways like I’d prefer. Until this issue resolves, though, I figured I might as well just stick to Asks I think people will enjoy the art to, so here’s Inosuke and Kirishima.

Vegeta Character Ask 12

I don’t know how much Vegeta would immediately warm up to Inosuke. While I can see a dynamic between them working, I feel like Vegeta would initially be put off by Inosuke’s… Inosuke-ness. I kinda see him getting easily frustrated with him similar to how he does Goku, but even more so since Inosuke’s so much more aggressive in his stupidity (and is just overall more of a brat). I think he’d warm up to him, though, and maybe this Ask is a good first step in that.