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Studio Christmas Party Highlights 2023

Continuing the new tradition I started last year, for Christmas this year I want to take a little look at the annual Near Hentai Studios Christmas Party. A couple of these panels were ideas I had last year but couldn’t do, either because I ran out of space or because the character(s) I wanted to use hadn’t publicly debuted yet. Others are just ideas off the top of my head this year, and hopefully we got a fun mix of appeals. Also we get to see our 2023 Studio Santa again, and I immediately had this idea for how Scorpia would work in this role, which I think is fun. At any rate, I hope most of you can enjoy at least one of these panels, and I’m already looking forward to trying out more ideas next year!

First Shoot #16 – Akemi Roppongi

For this First Shoot poll, I decided to try and stick to characters I didn’t expect my audience to know. I wanted to see how they’d vote without the bias of familiarity, so I used characters from older or more obscure properties that I enjoy, but I know aren’t as widely known or popular. Maison Ikkoku is an anime that most will probably recognize for its use in “aesthetic” or “city pop” anime videos and gifs, but it’s a pretty fun romantic anime about a bunch of characters living together in a small, aging boarding house. There’s a fair number of anime in this genre (whatever it’s called), but to my knowledge Maison Ikkoku’s the starting point for this type of series. A staple in a lot of these series is the slightly older woman who drinks and is flirtatious, usually single and a bit bitter. I always love these characters or one reason or another, and Akemi’s a great example of the archetype. I was happy to see her win the poll, even though I liked a number of the options people had to vote for, and I tried to capture her charm here in this First Shoot.

Her partner, Sakura, is the older sister of Nadeshiko in Laid-Back Camp, and I kind of like this pairing. Something about their red and purple colors works well for me, plus I like that they both come from pretty grounded and realistic anime series. They also have very different vibes, with Akemi being something like a lascivious aunt, while Sakura’s more of a stoic big sis type. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy this debut of an undervalued character.

How to Please Girls

I had the idea for this comic back when I was watching season two of Laid-Back Camp, when you saw the other LBC pics of mine come out relatively close together. This comic took me a while, though, even for a comic, since I kept having to put it aside to focus on things like the Halloween comic or the Christmas images or what-have-you. In the end I did manage to wrap it up, though, and I’m happy for that.
Nadeshiko and her sister Sakura are two characters I liked a lot in the show. Nadeshiko originally didn’t interest me much, but her personality and humor really won me over while watching the show. Sakura’s just very pretty, with a quiet stoicism that makes her a good match for her goofy younger sister. I like the idea of Sakura helping to prepare Nadeshiko for making a move on Rin, her best friend and camping buddy. Anyway, I hope you all like it.

Gohan F Character Ask 1

I recognize that the person who asked this question may have been looking for for, like… someone like Zangya, or someone who could femdom girl Gohan. However, I don’t know if I really see Gohan as someone who seeks out that sort of thing actively, but rather just rolls with it if she likes whomever the other woman is. If Gohan F is going to be showing up in more works, though, I thought this Ask could be a good opportunity to start introducing more friends that are unique to her. As fun as it is to see Gohan F pairing up with people who the original Gohan is associated with, I think it makes sense for her to have her own friend group, too. Rin just kinda clicked to me as someone Gohan F might get along well with, although I don’t know how well I could articulate it beyond Rin being a smart, outdoorsy girl (though less social than Gohan). I also kinda like the idea of Gohan F being subconsciously reminded of one of her moms by Rin’s signature hairstyle.

Rin Shima Character Ask 1

While I don’t expect them to become super prevalent in my work, I do want to draw the Laid-Back Camp girls more and this Ask was a good excuse to do it. Right now, these three are the only ones in the Studio officially (plus Rin’s mom), but eventually the others will make it in I’m sure. Nadeshiko has something in the works, though it’ll be a while before it’s finished. So Rin’s just had Aoi and Chiaki to camp with in the Studio, who are probably the two she’s least connected with in the original series. They’re friends, sure, but she’s much closer to Nadeshiko (as her new friend so goes camping with as a duo several times) and Ena, her only friend she seems to have had before the series starts.

Giddyup Chiaki

I’m slowly working my way through introducing the main girls from Laid-Back Camp into the Studio. This here is Aoi Inuyama (top) and Chiaki Ōgaki (bottom). These two were friends before the start of the series and have a pretty funny dynamic. Aoi’s also the third character I know (though I’m sure there’s more) who has this fleshy-fang thing in her design. Like the other’s I’ve seen she also has by far the largest breasts in the show (though they’re not really comparable to Magical Sempai or Uzaki-chan, since Laid-Back isn’t an ecchi series). I’ve still got a lot more Laid-Back Camp content planned for the future, though I don’t know when it’ll show up around here.

MomSwap – Rin and Saki Shima

I started watching Laid-Back Camp in January, and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. I really like anime that’s just about cute girls hanging out, which is exactly what this show is. Rin Shima, or Shimarin, is the first girl we meet and arguably the main character of the show (her and Nadeshiko kinda share that spot), and she’s got a hot mom so I knew right away I’d want to bring them into this series. Nadeshiko also has a hot mom, and I plan to draw them for MomSwap eventually, but I’ll probably do another mother/daughter pairing or two first. I have a lot more planned for the Laid-Back Camp girls down the road, though it’ll probably be spaced out since I don’t think many of my followers know this show or are clamoring to see the characters from it.