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So, due to a few inconvenient elements coming together, I ended up burning through a lot of my pre-work that I rely on to keep my upload schedule. As a result, I’m planning to focus on a handful of simple, smaller pics I’ve got lying around. They’re mostly just girls I like showing off their ass and/or feet, but I think some of my audience is into that so hopefully it won’t be an issue. This Peridot pic predates her First Shoot debut, it’s one of those older attempts to do a drawing of her I never got around to inking or coloring. Working with her recently got me in the mood to pick this back up, though, so here she is!

First Shoot #4 – Peridot

Here’s the last of the three First Shoot debuts that tied in our second poll! Peridot was one I was personally rooting for, but didn’t expect to do well. Of the main five gems in Steven Universe, she’s the only one I’d never drawn, though not for a lack of trying. I actually drew Peridot with Lapis back when she first appeared in the series (during the period where Lapis was her prisoner). While I had that pic in my drafts, they revealed that her arms and legs had extensions on them and she was actually short, and that kinda made my pic feel dated so I dropped it. I tried drawing her with Lapis a few more times since then, but the pics just never came together for one reason or another. So here she is now, in all her glory, paired with Kai from The Legend of Korra. This is Kai’s first appearance in color, as I’ve only drawn him in an old lineart commission before now.