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Huey Freeman Character Ask 2

The interesting thing about this Ask for me was the fact that, like Huey points out, he has appeared in at least one threesome with us here at Near Hentai. While I think there’s plenty of potential partners for Huey, outside of his core group of Riley, Cindy and Jazmine it’d kinda be a case-by-case basis. Those three are the ones he’s had the most experience with and would be the most comfortable around, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t work with people outside that group if the right situation cropped up.

Huey and Riley Character Ask 2

Here’s another Character Ask directed at Huey and Riley. This one is asking about their first time together, a subject I had actually been discussing with one of the regulars on my blog not too long ago. I had written up a short outline for Huey and Riley at that time, and basically just paraphrased it here for the answer. I misunderstood the crying part, it seems, as I read it as a sad thing but the Patron later messaged me saying he meant it more as, like, crying from happiness. Oops.


Huey Freeman Character Ask 1

So here’s the first Character Ask directed solely at Huey. I kinda made up the “four times a day” thing based on some forum testimonials I found. I don’t really remember what it was like for me at that age, but four seems like a safe number (I’m certain I jerked off more than that when I was younger). Throw in Riley, however, and the numbers seem like they’d change pretty drastically depending on how receptive he is to fooling around any given day of the week.

Huey and Riley Character Ask 1

Here is an Ask directed towards both Huey and Riley. The interesting thing about the Freeman brothers’ relationship in my work is that Huey is very much aware and okay with the homosexuality of their interactions, while Riley is very much in denial about it. In this regard I feel they would have separate individual answers to a question like this, but together Huey just states the plain facts while Riley is incredulous to his bluntness.

Boondocks Bijob

This is a commission that came out of the sale I did a while back to help my friend out. The client wanted to see Huey and Cindy both servicing a cocky (no pun intended) Riley. This is the first time Cindy’s shown up here on Near Hentai, I think, but hopefully it won’t be the last. Like the other Boondocks kids she’s super cute, and I wouldn’t mind doing more with her and the rest of the gang outside of commission work some day.

Riley Freeman Character Ask 1

Here’s another Character Ask, this one directed at Riley. I’ve only ever drawn Riley through commissions so far, but I’d like to do more with him and Huey some day. There should be more Boondocks stuff around here eventually; I’m currently working on another commission from the series, plus the next MomSwap entry is gonna be Boondocks.

As for this Ask, it seems Riley’s still not entirely comfortable talking about or even acknowledging the things he and Huey get up to behind closed doors. Maybe some day he can break free from that.

Good With Words

Don’t worry! I’m not starting a new comic! Well, okay, I am, but this isn’t it. This commission is just the one page.

This commission was inspired by the last Boondocks commission I did. Both pics were paid for by different people, but while working in them I’ve grown to really like the designs of this show. I think even if no other commissions come in, I’ll probably be doing more Boondocks stuff in the future.

Is This Gay?

This is a quick one-off commission I just completed, featuring Huey and Riley from The Boondocks. The idea was to play off Riley’s homophobia (and implied repressed urges), while also making him a bit of a tsundere. I think the pic turned out cute, and I can imagine a world in which I might draw these two again. I had always assumed if I ever drew The Boondocks it would be Jazmine Dubois and her mother, but the power of commissions changed my fate. I hope to get around to drawing those two at some point, though.