Aang Captured

Here’s a commission I did of Aang being captured by some Fire Nation soldiers. The client wanted me to re-create a scene where he’s briefly captured in this same manner (in fact, I even used the same angle so I could copy the background/chains directly). In the show he escapes this pretty quickly, but in this version the soldiers all take turns on him instead. He doesn’t really seem to mind.


  1. Altair_Fher

    This is why I joined the army….I heard the men of other nations were tighter than the women of the Fire Nation & the Avatar is tightest prisoner we ever captured…..50 years later I still remember his tight boipussy but I must say Avatar Korra is even better than her past life it’s Avatar appreciation day in my village & we all get to have sex with her lucky for me I’m the only man in the village

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