Goh Character Ask 2

I figured it was time for Goh to get to have some crossover fun in the Studio, and this Ask was a good excuse for it. I don’t have too much to say about this one, though, except that Goh is cute and I’m sure Kirishima’s enjoying him.


  1. Suneater

    Never Thought How Much I Needed To See Goh Taking On Kirishima’s Manly Dick But Thank You For This Blessing. Honestly I Would Love To See More With These 2. (Fun Fact) Goh And Midoriya Share The Same VA In Their Respective Anime Which I Find Cute.

  2. Da-Ne

    I want to thank nearphotison for drawing my favorite character goh from pokemon: 3 although personally I like to see him more with ash in his version pokemon 2019 or pokemon alola thank you for drawing him anyway

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