Corey Park Character Ask 1

This is the last of the batch of Character Asks for May, but it’s actually one of the first ones I knew how I wanted to answer. I kept putting it off for one reason or another, but I’m squeezing it in here now at the end. For anyone who remembers Corey’s debut comic, it should come as no surprise which way his tastes lean. I knew while I was working on that comic that if I ever ended up drawing Corey with other Studio characters, I’d want to pair him with Mitsue from Interspecies Reviewers. This Ask is really just an excellent excuse to do that, and I some of y’all like the end result!


  1. Red Fire 2013

    Nice picture Near, but, I would really like to see him making a Yaoi pairing with one of the boys of Applebridge, kinda like, Loren Cox, or Oliver Townsend, or Lucien Vinson, or even making a threesome with Mace and Jackie, that’s could be good. Anyways, good job.

  2. E


    Pay no attention to these softies! I like Mitsue as a character, and you can clearly see in her design that she was once quite hot but now has experience to compensate for her age. She’d be lovely, soft and still energetic, and I think you carried that out just fine here. <3
    While elderly ladies aren't my thing necessarily, I'd certainly like to see her again with Zel if at all possible next time, since he clearly prefers being with Mitsue.

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