Nezuko Kamado’s First Dare

I don’t watch Demon Slayer, but I was able to find the scene this Dare is referencing on YouTube. Hopefully I represented it well here, how this Dare would play out in the Studio. I like positions and angles like this, but it can be hard to justify using them a lot of the time because it obscures who the characters are (that’s why it’s common to see this pose as the punchline to a two-panel comic), but for these characters I thought it’d be ideal because they have these extra cracks and leaves and stuff that makes them identifiable even if you don’t see their faces. Also, one of the main obstacles I have with drawing Daki is all the extra shit on her face, so this way I got to avoid having to deal with all of that in what should be a simple and quick pic.


    1. Deku14all

      So hot seeing nezuko again especially in her awakened form and it’s futa to amazing great job near keep up the amazing work

    1. GH20

      Someone with the name “loli” shouldn’t have a problem with that lol.
      Also, she is on her grown up demon form or smth like that (haven’t watch DS).

      But yeah, pic is still hot (even if i preffer an angle where i could see their faces).

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