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Maki Zenin Character Ask 1

So this is an Ask I wanted to do basically for my own reasons… the first and last time I drew Maki and Nobara together was as a commission reward for a Subscriber. It was before I’d seen Jujutsu Kaisen or knew anything about either of them, so it didn’t mean much to me at the time. I really like their relationship in the series, though, and wanted to do something with them again, even if it’s a simple pic like this. Like with Yuji before, I don’t really ship Nobara with any of her friends, but I don’t have any problem picturing her having a fun casual sexual relationship with them.

Nobara Kugisaki Character Ask 2

Usually for these types of Asks I’ll pick a character from another franchise to do a crossover. I was thinking about this one, though, and even though I don’t ship Yuji and Nobara at all, I do think they’d have great sexual chemistry and just kinda wanted to give them a little spotlight just the two of them. So Nobara’s subverting the usual formula for this type of Ask here, but I hope y’all will be okay with that.

Nobara Kugisaki Character Ask 1

This Ask is referencing Jody Crowley’s first Ask, in which Nobara appears. There’s a few potential futas in the Studio, and based on other questions this Subscriber submitted I think they probably had Harkey D. Quinfy in mind. Maybe we can do something with Nobara and Harkey eventually, but I had this image in mind of Nobara having to deal with Inky and Pinky, two OCs of mine from the Spookyverse who can be something of a handful for whomever they set their sights on. I imagine Nobara recruited them to help her demonstrate her answer, but then these two completely overtook the shoot with their antics.

February ’23 One-Shot

Here’s the One-Shot comic for February 2023, using a script submitted by one of my Subscribers per usual. The idea here was framed as an inter-school competition of some sort between U.A. and Jujutsu Tech, though I don’t know if these scenes depict the contests themselves or just the participants having fun on their own during the event. Either way, there’s a lot of popular characters here, so I hope y’all will enjoy seeing them interact here.

First Years

I watched the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen recently, and thought it was pretty fun. There’s some demand for JJK content in my community, and I figured I might as well do a little something with the main trio of the series. I’ve drawn Nobara a couple times already, but Itadori and Megumi are both firsts for me. At any rate, I hope fans of this series will enjoy seeing these three together like this.

Jody Crowley Character Ask 1

For the record, I usually avoid questions like this like the plague. Specifying that Jody has to be a futa, and arbitrarily naming a character for her to interact with despite it being unrelated to the question, are things I like to avoid having to deal with when it comes to Character Asks, which are not in any way commissions. I also don’t know enough about Jujutsu Kaisen’s magic systems to use it for any sort of fun or interesting answer here. The only reason I decided to pick this one up is 1) I’m pretty sure I’ve rarely answered this Subscriber’s questions, and that sucks and 2) I really like Jody. As for the pic itself, I don’t really like the Bible Black approach to futas (I like balls), but I felt like I needed to stick with the canonical portrayal of futa magic from the series.

Nobara x Maki

This is the second of my Master Tier commissions for this month. This Subscriber wanted to see Nobara fucking Maki (both from Jujutsu Kaisen) with some bondage. I don’t know anything about these two, but I hope y’all enjoy seeing them like this. Per the commissioner’s request, Maki has pubic hair here, but I expect she probably won’t if I end up drawing her again.