Month: November 2021

99% Perspiration

So, for the Fourth of July this year Netflix released an animated film called “America: The Motion Picture”. I’m not sure how many people saw it, but it was a satirical look at the founding of America, with a bunch of historical inaccuracies played for comedic effect. Think a big, dumb action movie where everyone is named after historical figures (sometimes vaguely resembling them), with the sense of humor/vibe of something like Archer. At any rate, Thomas Edison in the film is a Chinese woman with electric gauntlets, and was probably my favorite part of the film. Most of the cast is fairly sexy, but I really wanted to draw her, so here she is with the film’s version of Geronimo. They don’t have a specifically intimate relationship in the film, but they did seem to know each other before the movie, and he’s also just the hottest guy in the film (my opinion), so I paired them up.

Shoto Todoroki Character Ask 1

Every now and then I answer a Character Ask that’s basically just, “Yes, as seen in this image” and then they reference whatever older pic I did where that was covered. I usually try and avoid doing them too much, ’cause I don’t think they’re super interesting, but I picked this one up because I know a lot of folks wish I would draw Todoroki more and I thought a pose like this would be cute. Even though he’s speaking on past instances, I decided to go ahead and redden his ass for the answer, too, just because I figured the Asker would appreciate it.

Eda’s Ambition – Adora

Adora’s probably not really a “top” star in the Near Hentai Studios. I’ve drawn her a few times, but probably not as many times as I have Eda. So, even though I framed Eda’s motivation as wanting to work with the biggest or most popular stars, in reality I just want to cross her over with whomever tickles my fancy. For Eda’s purposes it doesn’t really make a huge difference, as her goal is to raise her number of appearances until she’s in the same league as the performers who made it into the Calendar project. I think Adora’s really cute, and I kinda like her dynamic with Eda here. I’ll probably do a future entry of Eda with She-Ra, but for now this is good enough.

Panchy Briefs Character Ask 3

I found out recently that one of the DBZ games actually has a line where it calls Mrs. Briefs “Bikini” instead of “Panchy”. The name “Panchy” came from an interview with Akira Toriyama where he said that’s probably what he would’ve named her, but in the main series she’s never referred to by name. I’ve always used Panchy, and I like it better than Bikini, so I’m choosing to ignore that game.
We don’t see Vegeta and Mrs. Briefs interact that much, which is a shame. I think their dynamic is pretty funny, and this Ask seemed like it could be fun. Panchy’s NHS MILFs entry is actually coming up pretty soon, and I was in the mood to draw her again after working on it. I hope you guys enjoy!

Spinnerella Character Ask 1

I’m not really sure if I’ve talked about it before, but I’ve had an idea somewhere in the back of my head for, gosh… probably a couple years now, of doing a threesome with the Butt Witch, Pearl from Steven Universe, and Spinnerella here. I can’t remember the exact catalyst for the idea, but it’s one of many I keep thinking I’ll eventually get to, and I hope I will. I already did a Studio Tour pic of just Butt Witch and Pearl, and one of my AI-assisted fanfics alludes to the concept at the end of it, but I saw this Ask as a good opportunity to build towards it further. Hopefully eventually I’ll get around to drawing all three of them together, and it’ll be as nice as it is in my head, but for now it’s fun to see Sinnerella take some green cock up her backside.

Vegeta Welcomes Future Trunks

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers, where they asked to see Super’s version of Future Trunks getting blown by someone. They listed a few possible partners, but I just went with the first one they mentioned, Vegeta. It occurred to me while coloring this that they may have been picturing something a bit more like the Starfire/Blackfire MC, with just the lips and maybe nose of the blower shown, but I went with this classic “head between the legs” approach instead. It does mean maybe a bit less being visible, but I’m sure you all have vivid enough imaginations to fill in the gaps.

Izuku Midoriya Character Ask 12

I’m not personally all that fond of Toga, which is why she hasn’t shown up in my work that often, but I’ve come to realize more and more that a lot of people really like her. This was clear when she was an early winner in the NHS Fusion polls, so I figured this Ask would be a good chance to bring her in for another appearance. Plus, Deku hasn’t actually gotten to fuck her on-camera before now, so I thought some of y’all might appreciate that.
Himiko Toga first debuted for Near Hentai as a winner of the July 2019 NHML raffle. Her pic paired her with Deku and Ochaco, which is the shoot he’s referencing in his answer here. I’ve mentioned before that characters who can’t fit into a civilized society are, within the Studio, mellowed out some. So the off-camera Toga isn’t so much blood-thirsty and crazed as she is just quirky. This makes it easier for her to fit in with others, including Deku, so they’re able to have a more amicable relationship than what we see in the source material.


I watched Odd Taxi recently, and really enjoyed it. It’s a pretty good noir story with anthro animal characters, and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries or dialogue-heavy stories. There’s a few really cute furries in the show, both male and female, and I had one or two I was thinking about drawing. Shirakawa, arguably the main girl, ended up winning me over. While design-wise she was still in my top five of the show initially, her personality and presence in the story completely won me over and bumped her to the top. I’ll hopefully revisit this show with a few other characters eventually, but I really wanted to do this quick little pic of Shirakawa while the series was still fresh in my mind.