August ’15 WWOTM – Sedusa

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for August 2015 is Sedusa from the Powerpuff Girls. I was excited when I first saw her name pop up, I used to watch PPG a lot as a kid and I always liked Sedusa. However, I soon found myself with too many ideas, and I struggled with picking something. Ultimately I decided to go with a simple approach, something I knew I could finish before the month was up. However, I have a lot of sketches lying around featuring her with the Powerpuff Girls, Ms. Bellum, previous WWOTM Ms. Keane, and in a variety of poses. I did a bunch of gang bang pics, but I thought they looked too much like last month’s pic. I drew her like you see her here, and also did some of her “Ima Goodelady” disguise. I don’t want to make any promises, but if I find the time I may come back to her later and flesh some of those sketches into finished pieces that I can post here.

Things Are Heating Up

Some of you may remember a picture I did over a year ago featuring the unlikely trio of Bulma, Starfire and Katara. The story to that picture is the same as this one. I had one of my friends dig through a folder of my reference pictures and choose one as the pose. I then had another friend, who hadn’t seen the picture, choose which characters would go into the pose. That’s how we got this picture of Zuko, Ace and the Flame Princess.

I drew this one over a year ago, so I feel like it doesn’t quite hold up to my current standards (no background, I think Zuko looks kind of off). However, general laziness on my part meant it kept getting pushed to the side, and I just now finished it. I have two other pictures from this game (one paired with each of these I’ve done so far, where the two friends in question traded roles), but I have no idea if I’ll ever color them and post them here. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I have bigger, more interesting projects I’d rather focus on for the time being.

Camp Woody Ch. 1 – Camp Chaos Page 8 (Remake)

And with this we finish up my remastered pages for the Camp Chaos comic. This page here is what got me wanting to remake these pages. I was really looking forward to this scene when I started on the project with Linno doing the art. It covers a number of my oldest (i.e., pre-high school) fetishes. Older/younger lesbian, interracial lesbian, strap-on, cum in mouth, sex as payment, blowjob under desk/table, all of thd poese are things I’ve enjoyed for as long as I’ve enjoyed porn, so this scene was right up my alley. However, and I hate to say this because I try not to disparage other artists, but I was simply underwhelmed by the page we got. So, once the comic was done, I came back and redid the whole set to try and keep a more consistent quality through the chapter. Of course, this page is now (in my opinion) better than the original pages I did, since so much time has passed, but I think I’m going draw the line on remaking pages from this comic.

I intend to do more with Slim on the Camp Woody project in the future. He’s currently working with other artists on a chapter, but we’ve discussed future pages that I can come in and work on, so hopefully there will be more Camp Woody stuff from in the future.

Camp Woody Ch. 1 – Camp Chaos Page 7 (Remake)

Well, I said I would make the next few pages better than the last, and I feel I delivered on that. This is the simplest page in the comic, so I was able to bust out the lineart quickly and focus some more on getting the colors like I wanted them. I think I still have some learning to do with non-standard lighting (see the first panel), but this is a good step up from what I was doing just a month ago.

Only one more page for my remake pages here. Page 8 is the one I’m looking forward to the most out of this chapter, and I’ll talk some more about that when I post it (hopefully kind of soon). Until then, enjoy this butt shot with accompanying meme.

Writer: Slim
Producer & Editor: Jayrich & No Pants
Artists: Nearphostison (Me)
Colorists: Nearphostison (Me)

Camp Woody Ch. 1 – Camp Chaos Page 6 (Remake)

So it’s been a while, but I finally got around to doing these remake pages for Slim’s Camp Woody comic. I’m mostly happy with how this turned out, a couple of panels I think look really good. However, I drew the original art a long time ago, now, and I’m not 100% feeling it. I think I was having trouble keeping the characters on-model, but its something I feel I’ve improved on since then. Pages 7 and 8 should look pretty good, I think.

Writer: Slim
Producer & Editor: Jayrich & No Pants
Artists: Nearphostison (Me)
Colorists: Nearphostison (Me)


I keep coming back to the Looney Tunes Show. I’m not sure what it is about these characters that I’m so drawn to them, but I can’t stop myself. I have several other pics from this show already in the works, and there will probably be more after them.

I’ve written before about my conflicts with Tina. I’m extremely attracted to her, for a number of reasons, but I find it problematic that she’s, well… a duck. It doesn’t get in the way of my interest for her, but it makes it harder for me to draw her. Rabbits like Lola seem to get a pass on more human anatomy, but because of those duck legs/feet, I become a lot more limited in what I can do with her. If I draw her from behind, she can’t have a normal-looking ass. However, if I just draw a duck butt, that’s not very sexy. I’ve been doing different things to avoid drawing much of her lower half in previous pics, but this time I found a pose that let’s me compromise a bit. And so, the continuing legacy of me trying to make ducks sexy continues.

Lady Killer

This is a commission I recently did of Josie Schuller from the Dark Horse comic “Lady Killer”. The actual subject matter of the comic is very violent, focusing on Josie’s life as a contract killer in the 1960’s. She’s shown here pegging her husband, Gene, and their twin daughters are just happening to catch an eye-full from the hallway.

This was a fun one to do. I usually try and mix the style of whatever I’m drawing with my own approach, which I think works well in creating a good blend of my own style and the source material. Here, however, I talked with the commissioner and we decided to stick as close to the source material as possible. I’m very pleased with how it turned out, as was the client. I also got to continue experimenting with lighting, and I like how it turned out.

I took very careful care to get the characters as on-model as possible. The characters’ designs, while not generic, are general enough that a shift in style could have made it less clear who they wanted to be. I bought a couple issues of the comic when this commission was first mentioned to me, and did my best to recreate their look here. I was afraid that, if I messed it up, it could look like Dr. Mrs. The Monarch was fucking Roger Radcliffe, and I didn’t want that.


I mentioned earlier that I have a bunch of old pictures I’m looking to color and share. This is one of those pics. I made a Kill la Kill AMV earlier this year, and while working on it I started wanting to draw Ryuko and Satsuki. Satsuki’s one of my favorite anime girls, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I returned to her again in the future. Some day I’d like to do something involving her and her mother… We’ll see.

Fucking with the Past

This is a quick drawing I did a few months ago. I have a bunch of pics like this (by which I mean, quick sketches that I meant to flesh out but never did) sitting around on my laptop. Hopefully now that I’m finding more time to work on these things I can wrap a few of them up. I feel I’ve improved a bit since I drew this, so hopefully it’ll hold up for you guys.

I’ve done a few pics similar to this in the past, and they’re always relatively well-received. This is the first time we’ve had both the older and younger male being the same person, but DBZ’s time travel shenanigans make all sorts of fun things possible. Both versions of Trunks seem to be enjoying this quality time with their mother. 😉