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Choso and Ed

This is a Lord Tier commission for one my top level Subscribers, featuring Choso from Jujutsu Kaisen and Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist. Ed’s pictured here with his body intact, per the commissioner’s specifications. My interpretation here is that Ed’s gotten his full body restored/healed in the process of coming into the Studio, where this pic is set. Probably if he shows up in Asks or anything, it’ll be with this design. Of course, if I draw him in anything set within the canon of FMA, he’ll have to have his automail.

Envy Character Ask 2

I was thinking over this question, and I thought it might be fitting of Envy was motivated by a bit of jealousy towards all the other characters (and there are many) who’ve been paired with Goku over the years. I don’t think he’d just admit that, of course, but I tried to play into that motivation in his response here. Of course, mostly I just thought they’d result in a cute pic, and I hope some of y’all will agree.

First Shoot #14 – Envy

Envy’s one of two boys who won the last First Shoot poll I ran. Like Mystique from X-Men he could, in theory, look like anyone for this shoot, but that’s not what people voted for! His lottery partner was a surprising one, though. Amber O’Malley is a character from David Willis’s Walkyverse webcomics (first Shortpacked!, though the one time I drew her it was Dumbing of Age). At the time I kinda thought my niche might be drawing webcomic characters, so there’s a bunch of random characters from webcomics I was reading in, like, 2012 or so sitting in the 1 Club. I tried to take these two in an interesting direction despite being such a random pairing.

Studio Christmas Party Highlights 2022

Last year I finished my ongoing series of Mace and Jackie’s Christmas Carol, so this year I was in search of something to replace it. I went through a few ideas, but none of them felt quite right, until I hit on this. A few years ago I had the idea of an ongoing comic set in a Studio orgy, basically jumping from place to place within the orgy without any real story or anything. I didn’t think the idea had the legs for a regular comic, but I’ve kind of reworked the concept here. So, every year for Christmas, I’d like to do a little montage comic like this one highlighting a few little scenes from that year’s Studio Christmas Party. I think this series could be fun, and I hope y’all will enjoy it. I started this one late because I was having trouble coming up with a concept, so once I had it I just drew the first few ideas I had. Unfortunately, none of them ended up being yaoi, but I’ll try to rectify that next year. In the meantime, please enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Studio Santa #2 – Rose Thomas

Last year I started a new annual tradition for Christmas, of using a randomizer to pick one character from the full Studio roster who’ll do a sexy Santa pin-up. Last year’s Santa was Jody Crowley, who’d just debuted not long before that, but this time it’s someone I drew over a decade ago in 2011, Rose Thomas. Her only other appearance so far was also for a series driven by random selection, the Crossover Yuri series where random girls from a list of characters got paired up. I think she fits the Santa look surprisingly well, and since I never liked how her original pic turned out it’s nice to take another (more successful) stab at her now.

Villain’s Cock Sleeve Factory

This Master Tier commission had me worried at first, as it had a lot of details to keep track of, but it ended up not being an issue. Here we’ve got MegaMan.EXE and Young Link captured by some sort of villain organization, fitted with hypno visors and cock cages, and toyed with by Selim Bradley’s darkness powers (making this technically a three-way crossover). I don’t have much to say on this one other than I hope you all like it!