Ocha/Mako Shoot

This commission was pretty straightforward. After I put Ochaco and Mako together in that recent Studio Tour pic, the client wanted to see them together again but doing something different. They left it up to me just what, though they did suggest doing an ass-to-ass type thing. I thought that was a good idea, so here we are. It was also requested that the pic look like a porn shoot, which is why I included things light a light stand and a boom mic in the frame (normally they’d be out of the shot, we run a professional operation at the Near Hentai Studio).


  1. Deku#1hiro

    Awesome Job Near-Sensei I love your artwork so much Great job Near-Sensei I love this pairing so much I hope we can see more Of Ochaco And Mako together I really love seeing any lesbian pics or great lesbian pairings from you and this is a great pairing besides some of my other favorites

  2. Mukuro

    Still one of my favorites. It may not look professional, but man is it fun to think about.
    In the words of the immortal “Requiem for a Dream”:
    “ASS TO ASS!!!”

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