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Killua Zoldyck Character Ask 1

Here’s another of the simpler Character Asks. I was originally pretty optimistic about being able to do every question this month, but there’ve been several new ones since the initial influx. Moving forward, I’m going to prioritize Patrons who have been with me since before the month changed, and of them those who are at the $7 level (since those higher get other perks). That being said, my goal is still to get everyone, or at least as many as possible.

NHML – Canary

So after several nominations, Canary was finally able to win the random Near Hentai Monthly Lady drawing, and here is her pic. I don’t know a whole lot about the character, but from what I can tell she’s very loyal to Killua (she appears to be some sort of battle butler for his family), so I decided to pair the two of them up. Besides the esteem she seems to hold him in, I also really liked the contrast their color schemes created.

NHML – Biscuit Krueger

So here’s the Near Hentai Monthly Lady for January 2017, Hunter × Hunter’s Biscuit Krueger. I decided to pair her up with both Gon and Killua, since they’ve become mainstays around here, and consequently they’ve got her pretty busy. I realized a bit too late that Biscuit herself ended up a bit covered up in this pose, but I do still like the final product. Maybe I’ll draw her again some day, and let some more of the goods show there.